Council Organization

Honorary President

Honorary President is elected by the members of the Council for a two-year term, renewable for up to six years. Honorary President is one who has demonstrated a high level of leadership and is generally recognized for his / her contribution to the Society. The individual is expected to act in the advisory capacity and to provide various thoughts and perspectives to other Council members. 


President oversees the entire Council operation, presides overall Council meetings, acts as chief spokesperson for the Council, supports other Council members, and acts as the Society representative to external organizations to strengthen the international standing of HKSRA. The Council President also works with the Conference Chair on theme selection and agenda arrangement for conferences organized by HKSRA. The president is elected by all Council members for a two-year term, renewable for up to six years.

Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents are tasked to assist the Council President in facilitating the flow of information and discussion in Council meetings, overseeing the Council operations, facilitating the engagement of Council members in HKSRA activities, and chairing the Society's Annual General Meeting. The vice president is elected by the members of the Council for a two-year term, renewable for up to six years.

Conference Chair

Conference Chair oversees the smooth running of conferences organized by HKSRA. This individual help coordinate the Organizing Committee for the planning of each conference. The conference chair is responsible for planning and conducting the annual meeting of the Council, for determining overall program strategies, topics and themes, and the format for the conferences organized by the HKSRA.

Education Chair

Education Chair is responsible for facilitating communication and discussion in robotics and automation communities by scheduling distance education offerings or in-person meetings for the members of HKSRA, and by soliciting and evaluating the tutorials in HKSRA conferences.

Membership and Chapter Relations Chair

Membership and Chapter Relations Chair is responsible for providing recommendations in the areas of chapter development, membership recruitment and retention, and member services, benefits, programs and activities. The Chair acts as a liaison between the chapters and the Council.

Publicity Chair

Publicity Chair is responsible for publicizing HKSRA activities and for ensuring that all necessary information is made available to its participants and attendees. The Publicity Chair will assist the Publicity Chair of each conference to promote the conference on different platforms.

Standards Chair

Standards Chair is responsible for initiating and facilitating the development of standards (conventions, rules, guidelines, and best practices, etc.), and maintaining and updating Code of Ethics & 

Sponsorship Chair

Sponsorship Chair is responsible for outreaching to potential sponsors or exhibitors, maintaining relationships with the existing sponsors, and revising the Sponsorship & Partnership Booklet as needed.

Regional Ambassadors

Regional Ambassadors are responsible for increasing engagement among current members and new, helping convene events or regional conference and sharing updates from the individual's network and region.






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